Omniksol-6K-TL2-TH (+DC)
  • Omniksol-6K-TL2-TH (+DC)

Omniksol-6K-TL2-TH (+DC)

  • Manufacturer Omnik
  • Item number OMNIKSOL-6K-TL2-TH
  • Type Three-phase
  • Warranty 10 years

Detailed information

Omnik Solar 6K-TL2-TH solar inverter is a Three Phase inverter that applies the world-class technologies with 97.8% conversion efficiency and 99.9% MPPT efficiency. 



- Max. Efficiency 98.2%
- 2 MPPT Trackers To ensure to reach the maximum output power
- Wide DC input range (120-590 Vdc), compatible with different module
- Disturbed flow fan insider to make sure lower ambient temperature and longer use life
- IP 65 design, Smaller volume, lighter weight, the inverter only 22 kg.
- Multiple monitoring methods, New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
- New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
- 10 years warranty


- High Efficiency

- High Reliability

- High Stability


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  • Built-in GPRS as option

  • Built-in Wifi as option

  • External inductor and built-in fan

  • smaller and lighter, only 18kg

  • High performance DSP for algorithm control

  • VDE-AR-N 4105 certification

  • Self-developed topology design

  • Dual MPPT design

  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof level

  • Multi-button touch interface

  • 10 years warranty