Omniksol 8.0K-TL2 (+DC +WiFi) GB
  • Omniksol 8.0K-TL2 (+DC +WiFi)

Omniksol 8.0K-TL2 (+DC +WiFi) GB

  • Manufacturer Omnik
  • Item number OMNIKSOL-8.0K-TL2
  • Type Three-phase
  • Warranty 10 years

Detailed information

Omniksol 8.0K-TL 

Omniksol-8k-TL series three phase inverter adopts world leading technology, with a Maximum efficiency of 98.0% and Euro efficiency of 97.2%, 2 MPPT Tracker, accuracy (= 99.9%), total Harmonic distortion <2%, IPT 65 suitable for any working environment.

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High efficiency (Max. efficiency 98.0%, Euro. efficiency 97.2%)
- Double MPPT, MPPT accuray up to 99.9%
- IP65 design, work properly under severe outdoor circumstances (weight 40 kg)
- Full solution of safety protection, DC switch integrated
- Flexible input and output connections, support RS485, ethernet and USB communication
- Transformerless design and high power density, lighter and more convenient for installation
- 5 years warranty, optional 10 or 15 years warranty