Higher Energy Yield reason visible growth in the development floating solar panel projects

A significant visible growth in the development of the floating solar panels is noted because of the high energy yield. For comparison the results at the end of 2014, 10 megawatts were generated; less than one percent of the 1.1 gigawatt now.
Advantage of the floating solar panels is the high energy yield among other things through the reflection of the sunlight in the water. Because of the water the solar panels remain cooler than normal panels.

Worldwide there are various plans in development for building solar parks. China has a leading position in this. Also in Europe floating solar panels projects are developing. In circumstances one gets to deal with sweet (inland waters) and salt (seawater).
For example in the Netherlands through a citizens’ initiative a floating solar park has been built in the “Gelderse Lingewaard”. A floating solar park with 6,150 panels supplies around 600 household with green electricity. In Amsterdam they have also plans for initiatives like this. In Friesland (the Netherlands) an Energy company has built a floating solar park with the goal to aim more insight in the costs comparing to the regular energy generating methods.
The solar panels that are in the water have to do with other circumstances. Recently a floating solar panel test project (project solar sea) has been started in Den Helder to investigate the influence of seawater on a test panel. Maintenance of the material is going to play a significant role in this eventually.
In Belgium inland waters, which does not have a function anymore, are used to fill with floating solar panels. The Government is more than investing in this kind of projects.
It can be said that the development of the floating solar parks is growing increasingly. According to the World Bank it is estimated that a yield of 400 gigawatts will be possible. ESTG is online market leader in solar panels and related products. Our web shop is developed to facilitate in large quantities for at competitive prices.

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