SMA Sunny Highpower PEAK1: the best of two worlds

The Sunny Highpower PEAK1 is an innovative system solution, with a capacity of 75 kW and weighs only 77 kg. This inverter has been developed for use within solar power plants with a decentralized design and combines maximum flexibility in installation with significant cost savings.

The control panels can easily be configured per block of 75kW, the inverters located at one place, and everything centrally controlled. This system approach guarantees high performance and maximum design flexibility for the entire PV system.

Core qualities of this innovative system

  • Superior power density: 75kW with only 77kg of weight
  • Max. Yield thanks to possible DC/ AC ratio of 150%
  • Superior PV system availability with 75 kW units
  • SMA Inverter Manager as central control unit
  • DC input voltage of up to 1000 V
  • High efficiency, flexible system design, easy installation
  • Innovative active cooling concept


The Sunny Highpower PEAK1 is available on order.

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